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The Christmas Offering is our year-end giving initiative that focuses on expanding our capacity to reach people who need Jesus. We will be receiving the offering on Sunday, December 3 in all our locations. 

But you can give any time online or by texting "GIVE" to 765.300.4335. You can also mail a gift at any time to 108 Beck Lane Lafayette, IN 47909. 
All gifts are tax-deductible.  
We are asking everyone to pray about giving their best Christmas gift to Jesus by contributing to the Christmas offering.  The funds that are given will be used to fund the following initiatives.

We will set our sights on reaching Asia among the Hindu, Buddhist, and Muslim people there. Our offering will make these projects possible: 

  • Build Bible school dorms in Papua New Guinea 

  • Start Chi Alpha chapters in the universities of Indonesia 

  • Open a community ministry center in Mongolia 

  • Create ministry space for a church in Bali 

  • Develop discipleship space and support church planters in Vietnam 

  • Build a children’s home in Cambodia for orphans 

  • Obtain a Chi Alpha center in Tokyo, Japan 

  • And numerous other projects!

Once again, we are partnering with business people and about 12 other churches. We are looking to raise $2-2.5 million!


We want to be a blessing to people in our community through the River City Food Pantry, Teen Challenge in Lebanon, Indiana, Bravely Women’s Health, and Trinity Life Ministry. We are looking to raise $10,000 for each of these incredible ministries. 

  • The food pantry regularly serves more than 90 families each Thursday. 

  • Teen Challenge in Lebanon provides a residential program for teenage girls who are needing a new start in their lives. 

  • Bravely Women’s Health provides counseling and resources to women and babies in crisis pregnancy situations. 

  • Trinity Life Ministry serves men recovering from addiction and alcoholism a gospel-centered residential program.


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